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Kansas artist JANE BOOTH specializes in large, abstract painting. She pours vibrant color mixtures over the horizontal canvas and pushes the stain around with her hands to create atmosphere, before tacking the canvas to a wall so she can mark it according to her intuition. “I like to paint like a bird dog runs, bringing a depth of senses to the canvas, using the whole body, intuition engaged,” 

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Jane Booth
Sky - Wind Nebula 66x86
Acrylic on Canvas -
Sky - As the Rains Begin 84.5x64
Acrylic on Canvas
Sky - Star Trails 94x67
Acrylic on Canvas
Saint-Expury's Fox 48x58
Acrylic on Canvas
Rmr - Into the Wind 66x86
Acrylic on Canvas
Rmr - Circled By The Clouds 67x87.5
Acrylic on Canvas
Rmr - All the More Near 67x87
Acrylic on Canvas
River Rock 64x120
Acrylic on Canvas
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Jane Booth lives and works on a ranch overlooking broad, open vistas of native prairie, water, and sky, and uses this environment as a foundation for her work.

Schooled in ceramics, Booth pursued her love of sculpture and working with her hands by becoming a steel cutter and welder before she turned to fine art.  This background continues to inform her paintings, which create a visceral sense of space and depth.

Often creating monumentally scaled, color saturated canvases, her process is tactile and physical.  Booth begins by unrolling large swaths of raw canvas on the floor.   Fully engaging all of her senses, she accesses a nonverbal internal landscape, translating into a felt sense of color and mark.  Paint is poured and pushed by hand into the canvas; the degrees of separation between feeling and fulfillment are narrow.

Jane Booth is based in the Kansas City area. Her work is in 300+ private collections and numerous corporate collections


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Sky - As the Rains Begin 84.5x64

Acrylic on Canvas