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We are so excited to introduce this collection only available in our new on-line shop.  


So what was the inspiration behind this collection?


- “When I was introduced to La Cartuja de Sevilla, I loved the idea of honoring a brand with so much history”, says Stewart.


- "Taking a pattern for 1841 by the founder Andrew Pickman, making it relevant by incorporating new and bold colors! Heritage and authenticity inspires me when working on design. Working with La Cartuja has been an amazing experience. All the dinnerware is still made in their factory in Seville, Spain. They have such pride in what they do and keeping the art of dinnerware alive and relevant. This collection was designed the way we entertain and love to set a table infusing vintage and new pieces together.  Every dinner table we set is never the same. Setting a table should be an expression of you”, says Stewart.

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