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Welcome to Casa León, the light-filled urban oasis of Aaron Stewart Home by appointment, where Aaron Stewart and Fernando Rodriguez bring style to life. More than a retail showroom, this intimate, curated space is the epicenter from which new sister company Stewart Rodriguez spread their love for interior design across Puerto Rico. Here, you’ll discover their trademark aesthetic: an exquisite balance of luxury and function, comfort and personality, old world charm and elevated coastal elegance.

An homage to the historic landmark building with a lion crest made of tiles welcomes you to our new location. The lion is the heraldic symbol of the Spanish city of León and its province. It was also the symbol of the Kingdom of León the kingdom of Spain existed.

Climb the gorgeous losa criolla staircase to the second floor, where Aaron and Fernando will greet you with a glass of champagne, their undivided attention, and years of expertise. Whether you’re decorating a new space, or looking to refresh and refine your current one, you’ll appreciate their eye for detail and devoted, guiding hand. Their personal approach to design thoughtfully marries your lifestyle aspirations with today’s top designers.

The entirety of Casa León – the dining and living rooms, hallway, kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor space – is a cultivated canvas created with care and inspiration, features only the finest craftsmanship. Take a seat, plump a pillow, stroke the tables. Fall in love with a brilliant chandelier, chic sofa and chair, dramatic accent, or vintage art installation. Everything is available for purchase, and the options are nearly endless.

Contact Stewart Rodriguez to make your appointment today. We’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule. The island home of your dreams is a phone call away. 

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