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You have been working for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia for 20 years now. Congratulations! As Executive Vice President and Executive Design Director for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. (MSLO). What does an average day look like for Kevin Sharkey?

I generally wake up at six, look at instagram, my calendar for the day, and start emailing. Martha’s grandchildren live right upstairs so I try to spend some time with them every morning and when I can I bring them to school. Unless I have to go the flower market, which, lucky for me, I often must do, I get to the office by 9:00AM. From 9-6 it is straight on meeting after meeting. I am responsible for the design direction for each of our partners so it is essential for me to interact with all of the design teams. Martha and I generally meet at the end of each day and more often than not have a work function to attend most nights of the week. If I am lucky I am home by 11:30PM and in bed by midnight.

What is your philosophy when it comes to design?

I think that understanding context is important. A French Country Kitchen in a New York high-rise apartment looks ridiculous. Bottom line-Function, Quality, Value, and Beauty all in equal measure.

What do you enjoy and love the most of living in New York City?

Being surrounded by people who are curious, creative and competitive

With such a demanding position that requires high levels of creativity, how do you stay informed and inspired?

I’m an insatiable reader and inveterate traveler

What is your favorite thing to do outside work?

Play with Martha’s grandchildren.

Best advise ever given?

Sleep on it.

What book are you reading and what music are you listening?

Book: The Tale of Genji- The Arthur Waley of Lady Muraski’s Original

Music: Miguel’s “Wildheart”

Favorite place to vacation and disconnect?

Forte Dei Marmi, Italy

Favorite style Icon?

Pauline De Rothschild, Babe Paley, Alexis Stewart

How do you describe your home?

Contextually appropriate, calm, and comfortable.

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