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Martha Stewart Turkey 101

Growing up in Puerto Rico my memories of Thanksgiving were getting up first thins in the morning to watch The Macy's Day Parade. Mesmerize with the cold weather and snow I could watch every minute of the television marathon until Santa waved hello to everyone at the end of the parade and you knew Christmas was around the corner. Everyone would get together and eat in our 10 seat dining table. It was such a comforting day of family, cousins, uncles, and in and out of family members that would stop to say hello. As an adult, my most cherished moments were spent with my extended family. My friends that became my family while I lived in the US. Now, three year back to where everything started has such a different meaning. Gratitude manifests in so may different ways.

We live in a time of so much uncertainty. So much is out of hands and the world keep changing so fast every day. One thing that no one can take away from us is our memories and traditions. Traditions are things that are imprinted in our hearts and memories and make us unique, whole, it gives us identiy.

I decide that there is nothing better in life than to create new traditions with all your loved ones. What a better way to celebrate life than to ask a group of individuals to share with us what are their traditions for this coming Holiday. Thanksgiving is something the majority of us celebrate. In our local culture of Puerto Rico that is full of traditions, I decided to ask some friends what are some of their personal traditions and how they celebrate this epic holiday.







When we lived in New York City, Aaron and Martha Stewart used to share cooking recipes. Our last Thanksgiving as New Yorkers Aaron decided to do the famous Martha Stewart Turkey 101.

That became our household mission. To create the perfect turkey in honor of the great chef and mentor. The result of Aarons dedication to the oven was a feast to the eyes and taste. He cooked the best turkey ever. So perfect, that Martha put the image of our turkey in her personal blog. I can not tell you the pride he has for his masterpiece. This year we are honouring the recipe and doing it in Puerto Rico. Stay tuned for what I know will be his best turkey yet!! If you are interested in trying Martha Stewarts turkey recipe 101. You can downloaded from our blog. Try it!!! Seed pictures of your masterpiece!! We will put them in our blog!

We wish everyone a beautiful day of giving thanks to everyone that touches your life and celebrate the abundance the universe give you. There is always positive to celebrate as small as it may seems. It is abundance and it is a day just to think only on that. Happy Turkey Day!!

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