So it was decided, Thanksgiving would be at out our home... Aaron started his preparations for Thanksgiving dinner months in advanced. Cooking books kept arriving, pots, pie dishes, conversations with his Mom. He was so excited. Something that was a no brainer from day one was Martha Stewart's Turkey 101. A recipe he loves and did in our last Thanksgiving dinner living in NYC.

I have to say, this year, he really went all out. The turkey was even better than the last time.

All his pies were ridiculous, super tasty and of course he did my favorite apple crumb pie. Wild rice, a tradition from the Stewart family that goes from generation to generation. So needless to say the table was impeccable and everything was just perfect. Martha taught him well.

And then this happen.... the gravy. He called his Mom frantic trying to use one of his many new gadgets to filter the gravy to perfection. Aaron is face timing his Mom trying to figure out what to do and how to finish the last piece of this fantastic meal. iPhone on shoulder hands busy with pots and pans and all of the sudden the iPhone was dropped on the gravy. He immediately put the phone in a zip lock bag full with rice to get the moisture out. But gravy is not water...

We are so proud of all his efforts and his dedication to make the perfect Thanksgiving. All is well and we had a perfect Holiday. Aaron now has a new phone....

#MarthaStewart #Thanksgiving #Turkey #iPhone

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