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At Aaron Stewart Home, we are honored to introduce such a beautiful brand with such heritage and breath of categories in table wear.

Charles de Pickman started La Cartuja de Sevilla in 1841. He arrived in the city with the idea of building a factory of the best quality ceramic crockery to compete with the English brands back home.

The heritage behind this brand is one of a kind. Upon his arrival to Sevilla he acquires the Cartujo's monastery of Santa Maria de las Cuevas where he found the best platform for his vision. From that moment, the names Pickman and La Cartuja de Sevilla linked inseparably together, making the first step to what would become one of the biggest and most prestigious factories of ceramic crockery.

From the beginning of the factory in 1841, Charles Pickman used innovative methods to create the brand. Pickman imported source materials, the use of moulds, the use of specialised machinery such as mechanised arms and press, the work of English specialists and a whole lot of ceramic crockery experience gave the founder, the enormous success at the factory's early stage.

The second half of the XIX century is of a great importance for La Cartuja de Sevilla since it obtains loads of first class prices and gold medals in international exhibitions. 176 years later, La Cartuja de Sevilla is a symbol of quality and tradition all over Spain and Europe. The brand has an incredible following and it is the perfect example of traditions passed from generations to generations.

La Cartuja de Sevilla has always been about families. From traditional families to todays diversed families is what makes La Cartuja so special. Is a timeless product that in 2017 is still relevant and represents family values.

Nowadays, most of us don’t buy a complete set of dinnerware, because we belong to the generation of mismatched dishes, but we do look for objects that bring a certain epic. We are also obsessed with unique pieces, and we spend hours on the internet searching for that which makes us, for a moment, unique. We also have a weakness for things that take time, a weakness for the slow processes, because our lives are saturated with immediacy; therefore, when we know that it takes 16 hours to obtain white and solid ceramic, known as ceramic bisque, our affection towards the object increases.

Aaron Stewart Home's collaboration with La Cartuja de Sevilla will be more than a partnership. In the near future we will introduce a capsule collection; "Aaron Stewart Home for La Cartuja de Sevilla" more to come in this wonderful collection.

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