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Photography is the best way to decorate your home... Here is why...

Photography is becoming more and more a fantastic platform to decorate your house. With endless possibilities the art of photography is a fresh and modern way to make any wall in your house pop.

Photography can be personal, inspirational, bold and of course; black and white or color! It can be any size you want and it can be adapted to any space just by working with proportions. In our work as interior designers we use more and more the art of photography. It is an intimate collaboration between the artist the client where many opportunities can become a reality.

The art of photography allows you to bring a sense of personalization to your house and most importantly a unexpected way to give spaces new life. Some tips on how to make that happen:

- Choose your image or photographer.

-Photography can be edited to serve a purpose a color story.

-Framing can be fun! Modern or it can classical it all depends on your style.

-There are many options this days on genres - fashion, old images, landscapes, cities around the world. The ideas are endless.

-Dont be afraid of proportions to the wall. If the image is high resolution the sky is the limit on how big the image can be.

-Photography can become a a collectors item just as a painting.

-Certified images from the photographer gives the image more value.

Here are some examples of how we use photography in a space. Show us how you change your space! Or call us with questions on how to choose your piece. Stay tuned for our soon to come LA GALERIA, Aaron Stewart Home will soon have its own gallery of images you can purchase for your home in different sizes and prices.

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