At Aaron Stewart Home and Aaron Stewart Lifestyle Design, mood boards are a big part of our job. They set the tone for designing a home or a space. They can also be a provocative tool to develop trends. Mood boards are used as a platform by many different kinds of creative professionals.

A mood board is a type of collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition. ... A mood board can be also be called an inspiration board ( or an idea board) is a platform to kick start the inspiration process of a designer. It gives you the freedom to play with colors, textures or fabrics, patterns and make your visions a reality. We love creating mood boards for our store and for our projects.

This specific mood board was created for Modo de Vida Magazine. The objective was to show what are the colors trends for Spring 2017.

So what was the process of creating this board?

We love receiving magazines at home. The ritual is always the same. I get my magazines and pilled them up until I am ready to spend quality time reading and looking at the images. After I am done, I get my X-ACTO knife #2 out and my cutting board. Every image that speaks to me I put away. It can be of any genre; it just has to speak to me. I also go through pinterest or any other source of images that grab my attention. I save tons of images, sometimes they can seat in folders for months until I feel they speaks to me. Once I get my images together I divide them by categories, colors, patterns, can be about Hollywood movies to my favorite images from fashion books.

It becomes a big puzzle and I let my imagination go and my eye gravitates to different piles. I start compiling stories in the mood board and that is how it all starts. This Spring mood board is about colors and how in the Spring, all kinds of flowers and colors come alive. That was the inspiration for me. Spring is not about only one color!

Once you cut your images and put them together by stories then you can start adding textiles and other components that make the board special for you. The board is your creation, is your inner voice dictating where it all goes.

Try your own mood board! If you are not a designer, you can use mood boards as an instrument to put all the things you love, want, aspire, dream, deserve. Keep it in a place where you see it daily and let the universe do the rest. Remember, the law of attraction; to attract good things in your live you first have to visualize them!

Enjoy the journey! Stay tune for more mood boards in our Elements of Style blog!!

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